• http://adamfriedman.org/ amfriedman

    What is the etymology of “jungle primary”. I am baffled that this potentially pejorative phrase and not the more neutral “open primary” is being used all over the media in descriptions of the current California elections.

  • notpilgrims2

    It seems like jungle primaries are wilder.

  • prang

    agree totally. It’s actually the most fair way to have someone elected, especially when one considers that the very thing that is most devise in our country, party alliance, is taken off the table.
    It is very possible that a runoff could be between two members of the same party, which is scary to both.

  • eman103

    Get over your white guilt, Friedman. Jungle Primary is used in the media and anywhere an “open primary” is held. It’s a legitimate term turned a “pejorative” only in the eyes of people like who see race in everything.

    Here’s another one for you – Niggardly. I see smoke coming from your ears simply because I used a term that means miserly. Get over yourself pal. Race will cease to be such a big deal when people like you stop looking for it.

  • http://adamfriedman.org/ amfriedman

    Since you enjoy reading minds, perhaps you are familiar with the psychological term known as “projection.” Never did I once mention race in my comment. But it is all over yours! To clarify: I see the term “jungle” as potentially pejorative because many in our society associate “jungle” with chaos, lack of safety or stability, irrationality, and a more primitive state of human living. Our political conversations will be more civil and productive when “people like you” first ask for clarification of a point before spewing incorrect interpretations.

  • bluewindboy81506

    I’m wondering what is the difference between an “open”/jungle primary and the traditional practice of the “white” primary in the Old South?