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    What about Ford at the 1976 Republican convention?

  • Little Bright Feather

    WE need to go back to having CONSTITUTIONAL ELECTIONS ! Have not had one in over 160 years ! Primaries are UN-Constitutional as are all the expensive steps required in this 1860’s Marxist Communist election system to just get on the ballot ! Political Parties are UN-Constitutional ! WE are suppose to vote for A MAN, NOT A PARTY ! And by the way the Constitution calls for only a MAN to be in the office of President and VP. ALL other positions are open to both genders, but not the 2 top ones. President and VP are always referred to as HE. Others are referred as ‘person’. But DC has not followed the Constitution since 1860 !

    And prez and VP are NOT to run as a team [a unit] and the President is not to name his VP. It’s suppose to all be done by the people’s vote !
    It was a really simple system that this new over-riding system has made very complicated and manipulated.

    Constitutionally all votes are counted and who gets the highest number of votes is the Prez and who comes in 2nd is VP. NO parties are allowed in the Constitution. NO Primaries are either, as that is the way for the Elites to eliminate those they do not want on the ballot. And Primaries commit Treason by denying the vote to those the party does not own !

    And the candidates are suppose to come out of the contemporaries of the PEOPLE, not be OWG rich Elite guys who want to control the world !

    If a candidate worked hard and became wealthy such as Trump – that would be considered the people’s contemporary, but not those born to wealth and high up in class families, and who never held a real job !

    They live in a different world and are not of the people and have no idea what concerns the average person has or problems they live with . All the aristocrats want is power over others, they do not care about their problems they face !

    In Constitutional elections all a person need do is show proof of NBC citizenship and then just sign their name and they are on the ballot – the rest is up to the people ! It’s that simple.

    I do not think even the electronic voting machines are Constitutional since they are usually fixed. This is also denying the voters of their
    vote ! And that is Treason against the Constitution and the people !


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