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A “codel,” or congressional delegation, is a group of members of the United States Congress who travel together on official business.

These trips are often called “codels,” and they can include visits to other countries, meetings with foreign officials, or inspections of military or diplomatic facilities.

Codels are a common practice in Congress, and they serve a number of purposes. They can be used for fact-finding missions, to gather information and insights that can inform legislation or policy decisions. They can also be used for diplomatic purposes, to build relationships with foreign governments and to advance the interests of the United States.

In addition to the members of Congress, codels may also include staff members and other officials who can provide expertise or support on the specific issues being addressed.

For example, a codel might include staff members with expertise in foreign policy or defense, or it might include officials from relevant agencies such as the State Department or the Department of Defense.


Codels are typically organized and funded by the relevant committees in Congress, such as the Foreign Affairs Committee or the Armed Services Committee.

These committees will often set the agenda for the trip, determine who will be included in the delegation, and provide logistical support.

Codels can be controversial, as they can be seen as a way for members of Congress to take taxpayer-funded trips to exotic locations. Some have complained the trips lead to honest graft.

Critics have also raised concerns about the potential for conflicts of interest, such as when members of Congress are invited on codels by foreign governments or other interested parties.

Examples of “codel” in a sentence

  • The codel to China allowed members of Congress to meet with Chinese officials and discuss trade and other issues.
  • The opposition party criticized the majority for taking a taxpayer-funded codel to Europe during the summer recess.
  • The codel included members of the Foreign Affairs Committee and staff members with expertise in the region.

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