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True Believer

A “true believer” refers to an individual who passionately supports a particular ideology, political party, or politician with unwavering conviction.

Such individuals often hold their beliefs so fervently that they remain unswayed by opposing viewpoints or evidence, showcasing a level of dedication and loyalty that can significantly impact political campaigns and movements.

Origin of “True Believer”

The term originated with Eric Hoffer’s 1951 classic book of the same title.

These individuals are characterized by their strong commitment to their beliefs, often maintaining their support regardless of changing circumstances, opposing viewpoints, or even evidence that contradicts their views.

A “true believer” is typically deeply engaged in the political process.

They may be active in campaigning, advocacy, or grassroots organizing, and they often express their beliefs publicly and passionately.

They are likely to view their political commitment not just as a matter of opinion, but as a fundamental part of their identity.

On one hand, their passion and commitment can be a powerful force for mobilization and change. They can play a key role in driving political movements, advocating for policy changes, and rallying support for candidates or causes.

On the other hand, “true believers” can also contribute to political polarization and conflict. Their unwavering conviction can sometimes lead to a refusal to consider opposing viewpoints, compromise with others, or adapt their views in light of new information. This can make it difficult to reach consensus, resolve conflicts, or engage in productive political discourse.

However, “true believers” can sometimes be susceptible to manipulation or demagoguery.

Their strong commitment to their beliefs can make them a target for politicians or groups who seek to exploit their passion for their own ends.

Use of “True Believer” in a sentence

  • Despite the controversy surrounding the candidate, his base of true believers remained unwavering in their support, attending rallies and defending him on social media.
  • As a true believer in the cause, she dedicated her time and energy to advocating for policy changes, undeterred by the challenges and opposition she faced.
  • The party’s true believers were instrumental in the election campaign, canvassing neighborhoods, making phone calls, and rallying support among voters.