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Absentee Ballot

An absentee ballot is a vote cast by someone who is unable to visit the official polling place on Election Day.

This type of vote is normally submitted by mail to the board of elections.

This option is typically available to individuals who are unable to attend their local voting location due to reasons such as travel, illness, disability, or military service.

The process involves requesting the ballot, either online or by mail, filling it out according to the instructions, and then returning it by a specified deadline.

Some jurisdictions also provide secure drop-off locations for absentee ballots.

The use of absentee ballots enhances the accessibility of the voting process and ensures that those who are unable to vote in person can still have their voices heard in an election.

It’s an integral part of many democratic systems, reflecting a commitment to inclusivity and participation in the electoral process.

It also reaffirms the “one man, one vote” philosophy.

absentee ballot

Increasing the ease of access to absentee ballots are seen by many as one way to improve voter turnout, though some jurisdictions require that a valid reason, such as sickness or travel, be given before a voter can participate in an absentee ballot.

Critics of the process worry about ballot box stuffing or other shenanigans.

Use of “Absentee Ballot” in a sentence

  • Due to her travel schedule, Sarah requested an absentee ballot to ensure she could still participate in the upcoming election.
  • The state’s new law aimed to simplify the process for obtaining an absentee ballot, making it more accessible for residents who are unable to vote in person.
  • Concerns over the pandemic led to an unprecedented number of requests for absentee ballots, resulting in a significant increase in mail-in voting.