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Put Politics Aside

The phrase “put politics aside” is an appeal to transcend partisan or ideological divides in order to address an issue of mutual concern.

Often invoked during crises or moments of national significance, it suggests that the issue at hand is so important that it should take precedence over normal political calculations.

However, skeptics may see it as a tactical move designed to quell opposition or gain broader support for a particular agenda.

More on “Put Politics Aside”

A routine refrain by elected officials to make it sounds like they’re not engaging in politics when they’re actually… engaging in politics. It’s code for “Can’t we just do things my way?”

President Obama said as much in summer 2014 when he urged Congress to quickly approve increased funding to address the crisis of immigrant children flooding across the US-Mexico border. When Republicans dug in their heels to demand he change his policies instead, he responded. “Are folks more interested in politics, or are they more interested in solving the problem?”

All of the 2016 presidential candidates, or their surrogates, have implored rivals to put politics aside. Consider the pro-Hillary Clinton group Correct the Record, which claimed: “Notable Republicans from Lindsey Graham to John McCain have praised Hillary Clinton’s ability to put politics aside for the sake of progress while she was in the Senate.”

On the Republican side, New Jersey governor Chris Christie tried to play the statesman in his criticism of the Obama administration-negotiated Iran nuclear deal. “I urge Republicans and Democrats in Congress to put aside politics and act in the national interest,” Christie said in a statement.

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Use of “Put Politics Aside” in a sentence

  • In the wake of the natural disaster, the governor urged lawmakers to put politics aside and pass emergency funding without delay.
  • The senator argued that when it comes to national security threats, it’s time to put politics aside and work on a bipartisan basis to strengthen defense capabilities.
  • Critics noted that the mayor’s call to “put politics aside” and support his controversial housing bill seemed less like an appeal for unity and more like a strategy to neutralize opposition.