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Running Between the Raindrops

“Running between the raindrops” is to dodge or deflect repeated political attacks.

These politicians are seen as skillful or even lucky, as they seem to evade the fallout that others might face in similar circumstances.

They may utilize various tactics, such as strategic communication, deflection, or the use of scapegoats, to avoid accountability.

For instance, a politician might be described as “running between the raindrops” if they consistently manage to deflect blame onto others, keeping their own reputation intact even when their decisions or actions contribute to problematic outcomes.

Similarly, a political party might be seen as “running between the raindrops” if it manages to avoid electoral consequences despite pursuing unpopular policies, perhaps by successfully shifting the public’s attention to other issues.

However, the term also carries an implication of precariousness.

Just as someone running between the raindrops might at any moment get wet, a politician who frequently avoids controversy or blame may eventually find that their luck or skill runs out.

Their ability to “run between the raindrops” depends on a variety of factors, such as the political climate, the media environment, and the public’s perception and patience.

This phrase is often used with a sense of skepticism or disapproval. It suggests that the person or group in question is not facing the consequences that they should for their actions or decisions.

This lack of accountability might be due to factors such as power dynamics, manipulation, or simply chance.

However, it can lead to frustration or cynicism among those who believe that the individual or group is not being held properly accountable.

Use of “Running Between the Raindrops” in a sentence

  • Despite numerous scandals and controversies that have rocked his administration, the mayor seems adept at running between the raindrops, always emerging unscathed.
  • The party has been running between the raindrops for years, pushing forward unpopular policies without facing significant electoral backlash.
  • The skillful diplomat was known for running between the raindrops during international negotiations, managing to maintain alliances and avoid blame despite navigating contentious issues.