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witch hunt

A “witch hunt” is a politically-motivated, often vindictive investigation that feeds on public fears.

The origins of the term “witch hunt” can be traced back to the late 16th and early 17th centuries, when a series of trials and executions of individuals accused of witchcraft took place in Europe and North America. These trials were often based on little or no evidence, and many of the accused were convicted and punished without any real justification.

Many innocent women accused of witchcraft during these times were burned at the stake or drowned.

The term has since come to be used more broadly to describe any situation in which individuals are targeted and persecuted without justification.

In a political context, a witch hunt is often used to refer to situations in which an individual or group of individuals is targeted and investigated for political purposes.

For example, a politician might be accused of corruption or wrongdoing, and then targeted by their political opponents in order to damage their reputation or career.

This can often lead to a situation in which the individual is unfairly targeted and persecuted, even if there is no evidence to support the accusations against them. For instance, a fishing expedition can sometimes be called a witch hunt.

Additionally, a witch hunt can also refer to situations in which a group of individuals is targeted and persecuted based on their beliefs or opinions.

For example, in some political contexts, individuals who hold certain political beliefs or opinions may be targeted and punished simply because they hold those beliefs or opinions.

This can lead to a situation in which individuals are afraid to express their beliefs or opinions, out of fear of being targeted and persecuted.

Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s (R-WI) search for Communists in the federal government during the 1950s is often referred to as a witch hunt.

Examples of “witch hunt” in a sentence

  • The opposition party’s accusations of corruption against the president are nothing more than a political witch hunt.
  • Many people are afraid to express their political opinions openly, out of fear of being targeted in a witch hunt.
  • The investigation into the senator’s alleged wrongdoing has been criticized as a witch hunt by his supporters.

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