• PeterMac

    “Instead, it caused a lot of folks on the left and even the center to
    wonder why the national media had stopped doing its job, stopped
    questioning authority.”

    Sounds like exactly what’s been happening for the last 5+ years w/ Obama…

  • BSH

    I just came to read about this interesting phrase, but the further explanation was absurd. Journalists kowtow to conservatives??? That’s absurd, and anyone can see it’s not true in the least. Media treatment of the last two Presidents is proof enough, but there’s plenty more. It’s widely known and a true fact that most in the field of journalism are true-blue Democrats and sincere liberals (think of the journo-list). It’s true that journalists fail to question authority, but they do so even more when the authority wears a D.

  • rob

    “it’s a widely known and true fact” is code for “here comes pure opinion, folks!”. “True fact” in particular (redundant) is a red flag for unsubstantiated opinion.

  • Dago T

    12/14/14 – today’s daily “word of the day” email from Merriam Webster was “nabob.” I Googled it and came here. This is ironic, the true meaning of nabob:

    :a person of great wealth or importance

    Jeezis, Agnew (Saffire) even got this wrong! Trying so hard to be smug he came off sounding more like Norm Crosby.

    PS: Speech given right here in my hometown – Dumb Moines, Ioway.

  • creed98

    Nabob’s definition perfectly describes Hollywood and the leftist elites