• Mblackford

    I don’t know who’d object to reducing days of trash delivery.  Now, trash pick-up is another matter entirely.

  • http://www.Xenu.net/ simkatu

    But almost every single government function is popular.  They may be popular for different groups of people, but there’s very few things the government does that a majority of people are vehemently opposed to.

    Should we close roads or bridges?  Stop building war planes?   Stop subsidizing farmers?   Cut payments for medicare or medicaid or social security?   Close airports?  

    The idea seams to be that the government involves itself in a lot of things that people don’t want them involved with, but when it comes to naming specific programs that need to be axed, it’s hard for anyone to come up with something that 60% of the populace agrees should be cut.

  • http://twitter.com/Patrick_PHA13 Patrick Allen

    It’s threatening to cut the most obvious and popular things first, instead of cutting fat, waste, or at least less necessary functions first.

  • http://www.Xenu.net/ simkatu

    One man’s fat and waste is someone else’s popular thing. That’s the whole point. Whether it’s closing a national park, shutting down inspections of meat packing plants, cutting funding for NASA, or whatever else. All these things are popular to the folks that benefit from them and those folks don’t want to see them cut.